Working together in therapy – Our contract

Talking to a professional counsellor can help you resolve or understand issues which are causing emotional or physical distress. I am a Registered (MBACP registration number 042856), Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to the Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. As required by my professional body I have regular professional confidential clinical supervision in support of my work and practice. I hold Professional Liability Insurance and an enhanced D.B.S. Certificate.

Confidentiality is an important part of the BACP Ethical Framework. All sessions are confidential, our counselling conversations are not discussed outside the session or with any agency unless there is a legal requirement to disclose or there is a risk of harm to yourself or others. If such disclosure occasions arise, we would discuss them together.

Personal Data and Session Records
A hand written paper record of the issues or themes discussed are kept by me as an aide-memoire and record of sessions. These are retained in a confidential, secure way and will be held for up to 5 years at the end of your counselling. In exceptional circumstances, records and notes will be retained for longer; please ask if you would like further information. Your records will not be used for marketing, promotion or other related purposes. They are not shared with anyone else unless I am required to by law. You can request to see your records at any time. They are kept in accordance with current Data Protection legislation. My practice is registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner (Reg No ZA301765). See the General Data Protection Regulation Privacy Notice .

Email correspondence to my professional email address or via my website are kept in electronic form with password protection while counselling continues and may be added to the paper record to support the therapeutic process. I keep contact details on my password protected, confidential, private practice mobile phone and iPad. These electronic devices are specifically used for work and are securely stored when not in use. Please note that I use emails or texts only to arrange, confirm or follow up appointments. I request that you do not send me personal information or other material electronically.

Working on-lineThe Covid 19 outbreak has temporarily curtailed face-to-face meetings. On-line working is recognised as an effective way of delivering therapy. Guidance from the BACP and the Association for Counselling and Therapy On-line (ACTO) suggest sessions are offered using Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp audio/video. It is important that clients make the choice of contact and are informed and confident that it meets their requirements in terms of encryption, GDPR and confidentiality. When working at a distance sessions should be in a private place away from the presence of other people. Consent is not given for any session to be recorded. I will ensure that my part of the conversation cannot be overheard, the devices I use are stored in a safe manner and password protected. The consultation is 50 minutes. Appointment charges are the same as face to face meeting with a deduction of 15 which usually covers the room booking fee.

Counselling Practice Living Will.
Should I become incapacitated, unable to practice or my private practice has to close, the BACP Ethical Framework requires Counsellors to have a trusted colleague who will make confidential contact to inform clients. This trusted colleague would have limited access to your personal details and would only contact you if I was unable to contact you myself. By agreeing to this contract you consent to this in the case of these extremely unusual circumstances. The Covid 19 outbreak poses significant health issues for us all, so I now have two named people who would share the responsibility of informing you if I am unavailable to work. They are both members of the BACP and bound by the same confidentiality as I am. Please ask for any further information you require.

If you are unable to attend an appointment please give 48 hours notice. Please email me [email protected] text or leave a voice-mail on my confidential work mobile 07577290600. Late cancellation may incur a fee of 30. If, in the unlikely event that I have to cancel your session, I will contact you on your agreed mobile phone or email address. No charge is made for sessions cancelled by me. No cancellation fee is required due to cancellation resulting from the Covid 19 outbreak.

Initial payment is by cash or cheque, payable to P Joyce please. Ongoing counselling can be paid directly to my bank account, I will provide details on request. If the cost of counselling is a concern please let me know as a reduction in fees may be possible.

I look forward to meeting you

Tricia Joyce MA (Distinction)

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